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We offer X-Ray protection with fast deliveries and competitive prices

Ulf Nilsson, Stralskydd Radiation Shielding Europe AB



Stralskydd Radiation Shielding Europe AB has been manufacturing and selling radiation shielding products on the european market since 1989. Our key markets are within healthcare, industry and research.

Our product line includes x-ray protected radiation shielding doors, lead lined boards, lead glass and mobile barriers.

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Customer satisfaction

Fast delivery
Stralskydd Radiation Shielding Europe AB, produce and store x-ray shielding materials and products in stock for fast deliveries.

Competitive prices
Stralskydd Radiation Shielding Europe AB delivers high quality products with CE marking where applied. Contact us to request a quote and we will provide you with the best offer to suit your needs.



Strålskydd Radiation Shielding Europe AB
Office: Centralvägen 6, 171 68  Solna, Sweden
Production and deliveries: Spårgatan 2d, 602 23  Norrköping, Sweden
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